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Furniture handle Ⅱ

When choosing furniture handles, in addition to the size, style and safety mentioned in the previous article, there are some other details to pay attention to. First of all, consider the installation position and method of the handle. Different furniture may require different positions and ways to install the handle, such as cabinet doors, drawers, […]


Furniture handleⅠ

Furniture handle, this small object has a big role. We often need them when decorating a new house or replacing furniture. Today, I will introduce the relevant knowledge and skills of furniture handle in detail for you, so that you have a deeper understanding of this small object. Furniture handle refers to the handle installed […]


What is a crystal handle and its features?Ⅱ

Last week, We were analyzed “the goddess of furniture hardware handle family, the synonym of shining and beautiful crystal handle” which its features. But how to choose the crystal handle? Friends who can see here are particularly interested in this “goddess” and want to take it home as soon as possible! Choosing a crystal handle […]


What is a crystal handle and its features?Ⅰ

Focus on soft clothing, decoration with pit, experience different home life ~ Today, let’s analyze “the goddess of furniture hardware handle family, the synonym of shining and beautiful crystal handle”. What is a crystal handle? Drawer crystal handle is a more popular style in recent years, its main body using high-quality crystal, combined with zinc […]


What should we pay attention to when installing door handles?

1. Choose the right door handle: Make sure you choose the right door handle for your door type, such as wooden, iron or glass doors. The material, style and size of the door handle should match the style and function of the door. 2. Measure the dimensions: Before installing the door handle, check the dimensions […]


What is the door handle height?

General door handle height is fixed, in order to convenience, labor saving, convenient to open and close the door, door handle height is generally 110cm, some security door handle height will be higher, in 113cm, different security door door handle height is not the same. Door handle height design precautions 1. Use occasion. The use […]


Don’t panic, if the door handle is not elastic, how to do!

Generally speaking, the doorknob of the security door does not bounce back, there are many possible reasons, and it is necessary to check the cause of the failure and carry out maintenance: 1, insert the key into the lock hole, if you can’t twist it at all, it means that there is a problem with […]


How about crystal handle?

As we all know, there are many kinds of common handles on the market, but how much do you know about crystal handles? Many people may have heard of the crystal handle, but they do not know much about it, and they do not know what the crystal handle is like. Crystal handle is a […]


How to repair bedroom door handle?

Doorknobs are used very frequently throughout the day, and the frequency of use is high, so it is very easy to loosen. So how do you fix a loose doorknob? Let’s understand the repair method. First, how to repair the door handle loose 1, with the original master fixed Generally, the handle above the door […]