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What is the door handle height?

General door handle height is fixed, in order to convenience, labor saving, convenient to open and close the door, door handle height is generally 110cm, some security door handle height will be higher, in 113cm, different security door door handle height is not the same. Door handle height design precautions 1. Use occasion. The use […]


Don’t panic, if the door handle is not elastic, how to do!

Generally speaking, the doorknob of the security door does not bounce back, there are many possible reasons, and it is necessary to check the cause of the failure and carry out maintenance: 1, insert the key into the lock hole, if you can’t twist it at all, it means that there is a problem with […]


How about crystal handle?

As we all know, there are many kinds of common handles on the market, but how much do you know about crystal handles? Many people may have heard of the crystal handle, but they do not know much about it, and they do not know what the crystal handle is like. Crystal handle is a […]


How to repair bedroom door handle?

Doorknobs are used very frequently throughout the day, and the frequency of use is high, so it is very easy to loosen. So how do you fix a loose doorknob? Let’s understand the repair method. First, how to repair the door handle loose 1, with the original master fixed Generally, the handle above the door […]


How to choose a crystal handle

Buying a door handle is too simple for many friends, but have you ever known that after the door handle is bought back to be used with the door, and its size can not be ignored, I don’t know if everyone knows it, then you understand the choice of crystal handle. How to choose a […]


【 Cabinet Hardware – Handle 】 No handle or have a handle?

1. There is a handle design, no hardware, the cabinet door to do the handle shape There are a lot of cases where this is nothing more than playing with the shape of the door. In addition to finished furniture, cabinets customized may not be able to accept this kind of work. 2. There is […]


How to maintain door handles

The door handle is usually installed on the lock, is an important tool used to open and close the lock, but also an indispensable part of the lock. The service life of the door handle is not long, in addition to its own quality has a direct relationship, but also has a significant relationship with […]

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