Don’t panic, if the door handle is not elastic, how to do!

Generally speaking, the doorknob of the security door does not bounce back, there are many possible reasons, and it is necessary to check the cause of the failure and carry out maintenance:
1, insert the key into the lock hole, if you can’t twist it at all, it means that there is a problem with the lock core, the lack of lubricating material inside the lock core, causing the lock core to twist a little hairpin, you can scrape some pencil powder, add the lock core, you can play a lubricating role, do not add grease and other substances inside the lock core.
2, if it is not the lock core problem, it may be caused by the lack of lubricating oil on the heaven and earth rod above and below the security door, and it can be solved by applying some lubricating oil to the heaven and earth rod.
3, if it still does not work, it means that the door handle lock body itself is faulty, may be installed is not in place caused by the need to replace the door handle lock body or replace the entire door handle.
Doorknob in the daily use process, should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, so as to extend its service life, and reduce the occurrence of non-rebound and other failures, security door handle maintenance of the main attention:
1, when using the security door, the switching force should not be too large, because the security door is relatively heavy, too hard to open and close the door will easily damage the door handle.
2, pull the door handle of the security door should also be careful not to be too rough, so as not to damage the door handle.
3, the door handle of the security door should be wiped regularly with a clean wet cloth, do not let the door handle dust, otherwise it is not only unsanitary, but also will speed up the aging of the door handle.
4. When the doorknob of the security door is loose, it should be repaired in time to avoid the doorknob falling off for a long time.

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