The first decoration, choose the door handle, what are the easy to ignore but very important details?

Whether soft or hard, a good design is often from the details, show in the details, as long as the details are done, the effect of decoration is basically not too bad, and in thousands of details, the door lock is actually very easy to be ignored by us, many people will feel after installation and their own space is not very match, That’s because they didn’t think about it from the start, and today we are going to talk about some tips for indoor door locks.

1. In terms of style
From the style point of view, our common door locks have four styles, respectively, straight handle, streamline handle, integrated lock and split lock, these four styles have advantages and disadvantages, and the impact on the style is not the same.
Generally speaking, the door lock with the straight handle due to its own structural characteristics, the straight shape makes it very suitable for the modern simple decoration style.
The appearance of the door lock with the streamline handle corresponds to the curved line, the whole door lock itself will have a unique line beauty, the effect is more gorgeous and elegant, more suitable for the Nordic wind, classical wind and other decoration style.
The integrated lock refers to the door and lock body integrated lock, which is a very classic style, the whole door lock looks more atmospheric than the general door lock, the overall impact on the space will be very obvious.
The split lock is the design of separating the door from the keyhole, the appearance of this lock is more concise, only the handle and the lock body are exposed outside, and the middle is to retain the original material of the wooden door, such a design weakens the existence of the door lock, and will not destroy the style of the original door.

2. In terms of color
At present, the most common door lock colors on the market are silver, black and gold. On the top of the wooden door without any decoration, it is easy to change the style of the wooden door. In this more matching color is silver, silver is a more conventional door lock color, which is also the color of the metal itself, because the popularity of this color in what decoration style are more matching.
The black door lock is more popular in the modern simple style, it symbolizes avant-garde and fashion, and can also be coordinated with the kicking line, door frame, etc., making the effect of the entire decoration more beautiful and atmospheric.
As for the golden door lock is a symbol of luxury and nobility, light luxury and European style are more commonly used gold elements, golden door locks in such a decoration style can echo with its soft clothing, enhance the refined sense of the entire space.
After knowing the above knowledge, we can develop the corresponding matching plan, with the style of space and the color of the door to match, is the most suitable choice.

Well, the above is the collocation method of the door lock in the decoration of our finishing, what is the form of the door lock in your home? Let us discuss in the comments section.

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