How to repair bedroom door handle?

Doorknobs are used very frequently throughout the day, and the frequency of use is high, so it is very easy to loosen. So how do you fix a loose doorknob? Let’s understand the repair method.

First, how to repair the door handle loose
1, with the original master fixed
Generally, the handle above the door is very firm, and there is almost no possibility of slipping. If the door handle is loose or falling, as long as the door handle is in line with the original position. Of course, if you can not install friends, you can ask a professional master to help you install.
2. Tighten the corresponding screws
The door handle is indoor and outdoor each handle, the door handle is off, most of the screws are loose, you just look at the screw is still in the hole of the handle, if not, find the corresponding screw, and then tighten it.

If the door handle falls off, you can install it by following the steps below:
1, first of all, the three screws on the side of the door are unscrewed, the upper and lower two are fixed lock body, and the middle one is mainly used to position the handle. Then take down the two screws on the inside of the door, and hold the outside door handle with your hand to avoid falling off and breaking.
2, remove the cover of the external door, pay attention to the cover screw do not fall off.
3, install the internal handle, and turn the screw hole to the outside, and then tighten with a screwdriver, so that you can fix the door handle.
4, after the installation of each part, use your hand to pull the handle several times to see whether it is normal, firm and flexible. If it cannot be used normally, it is necessary to check whether it is installed in place or replace the lock body.

Two, door handle common troubleshooting methods
What if the door handle won’t open?
1. Cut the water bottle into a small, soft piece, or find something similar.
2. Insert the soft piece into the crack of the door or the bottom gap of the door and lift it from the bottom to the top, so that the lock tongue can be successfully knocked open. This way, if there’s one person inside the door and one person outside, it’s better.
3, it should be noted that it must be similar to the soft and hard degree of mineral water bottles, too soft can not focus, too hard may be too thick to walk between the door.

How to repair the lock handle loose and sagging?
The door handle has three screws, the upper and lower screws are mainly used to hold the lock body. The middle one is mainly used to fix the positioning of the handle, as long as the middle one screw can be tightened.

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