What is the door handle height?

General door handle height is fixed, in order to convenience, labor saving, convenient to open and close the door, door handle height is generally 110cm, some security door handle height will be higher, in 113cm, different security door door handle height is not the same.
Door handle height design precautions
1. Use occasion. The use of the door handle is different, the height of the door handle is also different, the general door handle is higher than the indoor door. The position of the office handle is 100cm, and the general family uses 80-90CM. Kindergarten is even lower. If it is a household door, then the height of the door handle is about 110cm.
2. Consider height. The door handle should take into account the height of the family, if there are no children at home, it does not need to be so troublesome, the door handle height can be used to sell the door, and the average height of the family can also be calculated to design, generally around 100cm. If there are children at home, it is best to design the height of the door handle between 80-90, which is convenient for children to use. If the door handle is too high, children will step on the stool, which will be a safety hazard. Xiaobian reminds that if there are children in the family, the height of the door should be higher to avoid when adults do not pay attention to the children to open the door themselves.
3. Elbow height. Many people take little into account when fixing the door handle, it is very casual, in fact, this is not right. The door is not tailored for everyone, so the height of the door handle is with the public, want to achieve the best opening and closing comfort, you need to fully consider the elbow height of the user.
4. Open the door. Different people open the door posture is also different, if you think that the forearm level is the most comfortable, because at this time the forearm and wrist joints are only subject to tension, there is no additional bending and twisting force. This design method is used in many high-end hotels.

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