What should we pay attention to when installing door handles?

1. Choose the right door handle: Make sure you choose the right door handle for your door type, such as wooden, iron or glass doors. The material, style and size of the door handle should match the style and function of the door.
2. Measure the dimensions: Before installing the door handle, check the dimensions of the installation position. Among them, the dimensions to be measured include the distance from the handshake center to the lock tongue center, the thickness of the door, and the diameter of the drill hole.
3. Tools and accessories: Make sure you have all the necessary tools and accessories such as screwdrivers, hammers, power drills, drills, rulers, pencils, dowels, etc. 4. Install the door lock: If the door handle integrates the door lock function, you need to install the door lock first. Check that the lock orientation is correct before installation, so that the lock tongue fits the groove of the door frame.
5. Install the door handle: First, drill a hole to ensure that the aperture of the door handle matches the mounting hole. After that, install the door handle and pass the handle shaft through the door lock to ensure that the door handles on both sides turn freely and fit well with the door lock.
6. Secure: Fasten the door handle with screws. Check that fasteners are secure to ensure that door handles do not fall off.
7. Test: After the installation is complete, please open and close the door to check whether the operation is smooth. Twist the door handle and try to lock and unlock it, making sure everything works properly. 8. Maintenance and cleaning: keep door handles dry and clean, and regularly check whether fasteners are loose to ensure long-term normal use.
In short, when installing door handles, as long as you follow the correct steps and ensure that all components are installed correctly, you can ensure the normal use of the door and the safety of the home.

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