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【 Cabinet Hardware – Handle 】 No handle or have a handle?

1. There is a handle design, no hardware, the cabinet door to do the handle shape There are a lot of cases where this is nothing more than playing with the shape of the door. In addition to finished furniture, cabinets customized may not be able to accept this kind of work. 2. There is […]


How to maintain door handles

The door handle is usually installed on the lock, is an important tool used to open and close the lock, but also an indispensable part of the lock. The service life of the door handle is not long, in addition to its own quality has a direct relationship, but also has a significant relationship with […]


What do you need to pay attention to in the living room handle selection?

1. Choose safe and favorite handles according to your own needs and family members’ conditions. For example, children at home suggest not to choose angular and blunt handles. According to the decoration style, you can choose some metal handles with a sense of design as home decoration. 2. The color, shape and texture of the […]