How to maintain door handles

The door handle is usually installed on the lock, is an important tool used to open and close the lock, but also an indispensable part of the lock. The service life of the door handle is not long, in addition to its own quality has a direct relationship, but also has a significant relationship with daily maintenance. Next, let’s talk about how to maintain door handles.

First, open and close the door correctly.

Some friends have doorknobs that break easily because they don’t close the door the right way. In general, when closing the door, you should first hold the door handle, and then screw the lock tongue into the lock body, and then let go after closing the door, so as to avoid breaking the handle because of too much force or incorrect way.

Second, clean often.

Whether it is the lock body or the door handle, if it is stained in the process of use, it is necessary to clean the above stains in time to avoid corrosion of the door handle or deep into the lock body.

Third, take necessary protective measures

The lock will affect the fluency of opening because of thermal expansion and contraction, especially in the winter season, the weather changes are more obvious, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is relatively large, if there is no protective measures in advance, it is easy to lead to the door handle opening difficulties.

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