Various styles of cabinet handles, choose the right one for your home!

Every detail in the decoration is very important, many owners because of some small problems, small details of the design is not done, and feel very upset ~ especially small kitchen, it is relatively small ~ some details are not done will be very ugly and difficult to clean ~ cabinet handle is one of them, today to share some types of cabinet handle design to everyone, I hope that everyone can make every detail of the home perfect!

The cabinet handle is generally in the atmosphere of dark and open two categories, as shown in the figure above is the dark cabinet handle, you can hide the handle to the appearance of a more holistic sense.

Like the above picture of the cabinet handle, the style can be said to be very diverse, mainly play a decorative effect, if the kitchen style is more obvious, you will choose the cabinet handle.

Small apartment is more suitable for dark cabinet handle, after all, the space is relatively small ~ More than a cabinet handle will make the kitchen smaller ~ usually also easy to hit, if there are children at home, more should choose dark cabinet handle.

And now most of the small apartment is simple, northern Europe, Japanese, such as a relatively simple, bright style, the style of the cabinet will be so, most people will choose the dark handle, is usually cleaning time to pay attention to, do not leave stains in the handle of the nest.

Ming cabinet handle is generally based on the style of their own home to choose the style, with some patterns, can be matched with the wall floor, decorated more beautiful.

This small polka dot cabinet handle is also very simple, there are only some patterns, and it will not be damaged ~ iron, copper and other styles are very good-looking.

If you like the cabinet handle, the home style is relatively simple, Qijia dishes are more recommended this one-frame cabinet handle, that is, a long handle, there is no space in the middle, and it is very convenient to clean.
The size of the cabinet handle is also a point that needs to be paid more attention to. To choose according to the length of the cabinet door panel, the normal use is more than 50~80cm to choose 96mm hole distance handle, 60~100cm to choose 128mm hole distance handle.

A small detail is the key point that you look better than your neighbors ~ Although the handle of the cabinet is a relatively small point, but in the choice of time, but also need to pay more attention ~ to choose the most suitable for their own home right ~ Hope that each owner, can put their own home into the most beautiful look.

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