The cabinet is too ugly, want to use the handle to save the appearance level, what are the recommended handles?

Cabinet is one of the indispensable furniture in the home, especially the whole house more and more customized, cabinet handle selection can also add space texture, on the contrary, may pull down the taste of the entire design. Today I will share with you some tips on the selection of cabinet handle, I hope you can find the one that suits you.
Commonly used handle classification: according to the material: single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramics, glass, leather, resin and so on. According to the style: single hole round type, single strip type, double head type, hidden type, shell, child handle and so on. Divided by style: modern simple, retro, European pastoral, Chinese these categories. According to the installation, there are two kinds: open and dark installation.

1. Choose the style and color that conform to the overall design style of the home. The modern and simple style can choose the long strip handle, button handle, leather handle and so on, the minimalist style can choose the invisible handle, and the retro light luxury can choose the brass handle.

2. According to the color and style of the cabinet door, the flat door is suitable for a simple handle or invisible handle, and the door plate should be selected according to the style of the door plate.

3. Choose according to your own preferences, as long as you like it, after all, you live in the house.

4. According to the choice of space properties, such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom for the cabinet and handle performance requirements are different: kitchen and bathroom handle should consider waterproof, moisture, good cleaning and corrosion resistance characteristics, choose aluminum alloy handle is more appropriate. The handle of the entrance cabinet, TV cabinet and wardrobe emphasizes its decoration and can have a variety of choices.

5. Select the appropriate proportion according to the size of the door panel. A door to the top of the cabinet handle can choose a bar handle or invisible handle, it looks more atmospheric, the cabinet door is relatively small or the drawer handle can choose a small volume of the handle, such as button handle, π handle and so on.

The following introduces some high appearance level handle, good-looking and good to match.
01. Brass handle
Brass material handle set delicate and light luxury in one, but also with retro elegant temperament, very suitable for some simple shape of the cabinet, different colors of the cabinet can be matched, especially with dark more effective, such as gray blue, dark green, black, dark wood, etc., white cabinet let alone super versatile. Moreover, the corrosion resistance of copper is better, the density is larger, and the weight is relatively large in the hand, and the disadvantage is that the price is higher.
The brass material itself is very attractive, so when purchasing brass handle, try to choose a simple style, such as button handle, π font handle, and strip handle.
02. Leather handle
As the name suggests, the main material of the handle is leather, with copper buckle, the overall texture is soft and natural, comfortable, not afraid of bumps, can make the cabinet become gentle. Leather handles are generally relatively small and delicate, suitable for small size cabinet doors and drawers, not suitable for kitchen and balcony space.
03. Bar handle
This kind of linear texture of the handle shape is very simple, the length is generally about 600-1500mm, there are also about 110-300mm short side handle, it is recommended that the length of the bar handle at home is mixed with the use of the cabinet, visually more hierarchical, to avoid a single.
π type short side handle application is also more, the general length is about 200-300mm, the length should not exceed this size as far as possible, it is easy to misproportion. It is often used in simple and light luxury design.
If the “π” word handle is split in two, we can get a “T” type handle, which is simple in shape but has a special sense of decoration.
04. Round handle
The circular handle is simple and round, practical and versatile, and has a kind of playful and lovely feeling, which is suitable for cabinets in different Spaces.
In addition to the circular handle, there is a conical handle, the shape is also very simple, is an inverted cone, generally less than 20mm, the force surface is relatively small, suitable for drawers, side cabinets and so on.
05. Seal the edge and hold the hand
Edge handle is installed in the cabinet door edge position of the handle, both as the door panel edge, but also when the handle is used, the general drawer and cabinet are used more, a door to the top of the wardrobe door can also use edge handle, can also play the role of straightener.
06. Shape the handle
In addition to these conventional hand styles, there are many different shapes of the hand on the market, some exquisite and elegant, some cute and delicate, some unique personality, no matter what kind of decoration style your home is, what color the cabinet is, you can find the hand that suits you.
07. Invisible handle the pursuit of minimalist style of friends do not miss invisible handle, such a door looks more concise and advanced, the whole sense is very strong, the handle without highlighting the door is more safe and comfortable to use, especially like the cabinet, when we operate the cabinet is generally very close, if the handle is too prominent and has edges it is easy to meet is not convenient. There are also different types of invisible handles, commonly used rebound, diagonal pull hand, super long door panel, groove handle and so on.

Note: 1. Most of the brass handles on the market are not pure copper, mostly alloy plating, we should pay more attention when buying. 2. If there are elderly people and children at home, fully consider whether they are convenient and safe to use when purchasing the handle. 3. The handle color is usually black and gold, and white and silver are relatively used less. 4. Small size cabinet doors or drawers avoid using large handles, the proportion will be out of whack but not good looking. 5. When customizing cabinets or wardrobes, you can first choose the handle style and hole distance, so as to facilitate the on-site installation of the master.

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