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Rebounder cabinet door or furniture handles?

In the kitchen design, the choice of cabinet door is often an important and complex issue. Among them, the bouncer cabinet door and handle are two common choices. This article will focus on the bouncer cabinet door and handle two aspects of the discussion, to help readers understand the characteristics and advantages of the two, […]


How to choose the place of furniture handle?

The handle must pay attention to the style, function and place of the furniture when selecting, in general, the relationship between the handle and the furniture has roughly two processing principles, either eye-catching or hidden. Furniture based on the use of functions, its handle should have recessive, in order not to hinder the use of […]


How to choose the furniture handle shape?

Furniture handle shape really too much, want to enhance the light luxury style of the home, first take a look at these handle shape. Invisible handle Invisible handle design is a blessing for obsessive-compulsive patients. It is molded above or on the side of the cabinet door to leave gaps, make the effect of invisible […]


How to choose cabinet door handle?

In fact, in the decoration, some details can not be ignored. For example, handle, don’t look at it is a small, but can do the finishing touch. Today to talk with you about how to choose the door handle? How to pick the handle material? 1. Metal handle Metal handle is generally divided into stainless […]