Rebounder cabinet door or furniture handles?

In the kitchen design, the choice of cabinet door is often an important and complex issue. Among them, the bouncer cabinet door and handle are two common choices. This article will focus on the bouncer cabinet door and handle two aspects of the discussion, to help readers understand the characteristics and advantages of the two, in order to better choose their own kitchen equipment.

holding hands for furniture

  1. Flexible and diverse: the handle, as a traditional way of opening the cabinet door, has a rich choice of shapes and materials. Whether it is metal, ceramic or wooden handles, they can be selected according to different kitchen styles, providing more personalized design.
  2. Comfortable holding: The handle design is humanized, comfortable to hold, and more convenient to use. Especially when carrying greasy or wet hands, the handle can provide a better grip and avoid sliding and unnecessary distress.
  3. Adjustable: the handle can be freely adjusted to meet different needs. For the elderly or children in the family, the handle can be set at the appropriate height to provide a better use experience and safety.

the rebound cabinet door

  1. Convenient and fast: The bouncer cabinet door adopts spring mechanical structure, which can realize the automatic opening and closing of the cabinet door without using the handle. In this way, we can easily open and close the cabinet door, eliminating the trouble of manual operation.
  2. Save space: The design of the rebounder cabinet door makes the cabinet door more compact and does not require additional handles or handles, thus saving valuable kitchen space. Especially for small kitchen sizes, bouncer cabinet doors can provide more operating space.
  3. Simple and beautiful: The appearance of the bouncer cabinet door is simple and generous, and there is no obvious handle or handle, which brings a fresh and clean feeling to the kitchen. It’s also easier to clean and maintain.


Choose the kitchen equipment that suits you

  1. According to demand: When choosing the way to open the cabinet door, you need to consider personal habits and needs. If you are looking for convenience and maximum use of space, the bouncer cabinet door is a good choice. And if you pay attention to personalized design and comfortable grip, the handle cabinet door is more suitable for your needs.
  2. Consider style: The way the cabinet door is opened will have an impact on the style of the entire kitchen. Rebounder cabinet doors are suitable for a modern, minimalist style, while handle cabinet doors are easier to match with traditional or vintage style kitchens.
  3. Comprehensive consideration: The final choice needs to take into account the actual situation. It can be combined with the characteristics of the rebound cabinet door and the handle cabinet door, and it can be flexibly used in different areas or different types of cabinets to meet the requirements of functionality and aesthetics.

When choosing the opening method of the kitchen cabinet door, the bouncer cabinet door and the handle cabinet door have their own advantages. Rebounder cabinet door is convenient, space saving and simple and beautiful, suitable for the pursuit of simple modern style kitchen; The handle cabinet door is flexible, comfortable to hold and adjustable, suitable for the pursuit of personalized and traditional style kitchen. Before making a choice, we need to consider our individual needs, kitchen style and functional requirements to ensure that we choose the most suitable kitchen equipment for us. Whether it’s a bouncer door or a handle door, the key is to provide convenience and comfort to make our kitchen more pleasant and easy to use.

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