How to choose cabinet door handle?

In fact, in the decoration, some details can not be ignored. For example, handle, don’t look at it is a small, but can do the finishing touch.
Today to talk with you about how to choose the door handle?

How to pick the handle material?
1. Metal handle

Metal handle is generally divided into stainless steel handle and brass wire drawing handle two kinds.

1.1 Stainless steel handle:

Stainless steel handles are widely used and are more common, which are divided into two kinds: mirror and frosted. It has strong corrosion resistance and first-class anti-fouling ability.

1.2 Brass wire handle:

Brass brushed handle is a favorite to enhance the atmosphere of the home. Exquisite brass brushed handle to show the texture, so that your cabinet appearance level double!
Application suggestions: The metal handle with thin coating and poor quality may rust after being used for a long time, affecting the appearance and use experience. Pay attention to the selection of high-quality metal handles.

2.Wooden handle

Wooden handle warm and rustic, with wood furniture, instantly enhance the sense of advanced space. Visually harmonious whole, beautiful ~
Applicable suggestions: Wooden handle may be damp deformation, not recommended for use in cabinets. It needs regular varnishing, polishing and maintenance.

3.Leather handle

Leather lovers look here! The cabinet door handle of custom furniture will also use leather handle oh ~ its texture is unique, the texture is outstanding, and the small handle makes the ordinary cabinet seconds become advanced.
Application suggestions: Compared with other materials, leather handle is more difficult to clean, and easy to tide, long light time will fade, harden, short life, not suitable for use in kitchen and bathroom, balcony, suitable for bedroom nightstand and cloakroom.

4.Glass handle

Glass handle crystal transparent, diverse styles, can enrich the design of the cabinet.
Applicable suggestions: Used in high wine cabinet, hanging cabinet, glass showcase, more temperament. Families with children need to choose the glass handle carefully, because once it breaks, it will be a safety risk.

5.Plastic PVC handle

If you are worried about being bumped by a stiff handle, you can choose a plastic PVC handle, which is more secure, easy to do modeling, and cost-effective.
Application suggestions: not high temperature, no coating difficult to clean, not recommended for use in the kitchen. Bedroom space, especially children’s room and multi-purpose room is recommended.

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