How to choose the place of furniture handle?

The handle must pay attention to the style, function and place of the furniture when selecting, in general, the relationship between the handle and the furniture has roughly two processing principles, either eye-catching or hidden. Furniture based on the use of functions, its handle should have recessive, in order not to hinder the use of the owner. For example, the handle of the food decoration cabinet can adapt to its own more eye-catching style, and choose a double-headed handle with luster and contrast with the color of the furniture.

  1. The porch is one of the key decorative parts in the living room, and the handle of the porch cabinet can emphasize its decoration.
  2. Two luxurious and beautiful handles are installed on the symmetrical decorative door.
  3. The shoe cabinet should choose a single-head handle with a color close to the board.
  4. The handle of the TV cabinet can be considered to be similar in color to the stone surface of the electrical appliances or TV counters, such as black, gray, dark green and sub-gold exposed handles.
  5. The furniture of the study or studio can imitate the practice of the office building and choose a simple and square handle.
  6. The cabinet door of the bathroom is not much, and it is suitable to choose a miniature single-head round ball type ceramic or plexiglass handle, whose color or material should be similar to the cabinet.
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