How to choose the furniture handle shape?

Furniture handle shape really too much, want to enhance the light luxury style of the home, first take a look at these handle shape.

  1. Invisible handle

Invisible handle design is a blessing for obsessive-compulsive patients. It is molded above or on the side of the cabinet door to leave gaps, make the effect of invisible handle, or use the rebound to open and close the cabinet door. The cabinet is integrated with the handle, and the handle cannot be seen on the surface to achieve the effect of “invisibility”.


① The invisible handle becomes simple, the lines are clean and neat, without any delay and superfluity.

② Easy to use, reduce bump, higher safety performance.

③ Easy to clean, the cabinet facade is flat, even if there is oil, it only needs a gentle wipe.

Applicable suggestions:

The invisible handle perfectly matches the minimalist light luxury style, which is very safe to use on the booth and tatami mat. Especially suitable for families with children, children play and don’t worry about bumps.

  1. Built-in handle

The built-in handle is generally embedded in the cabinet door plate, so that the groove shape forms a plane with the cabinet door.


The groove increases the sense of shape, the cabinet is full of artistic sense, and the appearance is increased.

Compared with the clear installation handle, the built-in handle has no bump, reducing the bump.

The built-in handle has many shapes, which can be adapted to different home improvement styles.

Application suggestion: Built-in handle is often used in cabinets, wardrobes, especially small lockers, more beautiful.

  1. Hold hands high

High handle, holding space is sufficient, often used in bedroom wardrobe.


The lines are clean and crisp, which can stretch the visual height of the indoor space and improve the appearance level of the cabinet.

The design takes into account the ease of holding.

Applicable suggestions: Commonly used as a wardrobe handle. The super high handle is generally matched with the top wardrobe design, the slender line stretches the vision, is simple and neat, and is exquisite. The bedroom is also very friendly to the elderly and children.

  1. Round handle

Round handle shape round and beautiful, both practical and versatile, is a lot of families will choose the handle.


Smooth touch, more comfortable and natural grip.

In the spatial composition, it can act as the decorative effect of the “point” in the “point-line-surface”.

Applicable suggestions: The circular handle is more lively than other shapes. The following picture of the children’s room in the Mantening series, bright yellow round pull gloves silicone strap anti-slip function, convenient opening and closing, collision prevention and collision prevention safer, but also make the children’s room more interesting, accompany children’s growth.

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