What is a crystal handle and its features?Ⅱ

Last week, We were analyzed “the goddess of furniture hardware handle family, the synonym of shining and beautiful crystal handle” which its features.

But how to choose the crystal handle?

Friends who can see here are particularly interested in this “goddess” and want to take it home as soon as possible! Choosing a crystal handle is not only a decoration, but also an injection of highlights into home life to add a sense of luxury and make your space more attractive.
1. Consider style: When we choose basic accessories or soft furnishings, the first thing we consider is to determine your home style, and then choose the decoration that coordinates with it.
2. Check the size: You don’t want to make your kitchen look bad just because something looks good. So before choosing a crystal handle, make sure the size of the drawer handle you choose matches your furniture to ensure a perfect fit.
3. Observe the color: Xiao Mai shares a very dry method here, when we get a crystal handle.
Carefully observe whether the appearance is smooth, whether there is abnormal sound, followed by in a dark environment, irradiation with a flashlight light, see whether the crystal handle is transparent, if it is the kind of sparkling very thorough, it is a very good handle.
On the contrary, which feel rough, the light can not be transparent is inferior incomplete handle.
4. Choose the commonly used brand, crystal handle is a novel product in recent years, we choose to try to choose which business history is longer, high reputation suppliers, at least after-sales protection.

In home decoration, details often determine the overall beauty. Although crystal has some shortcomings, its excellent physical properties and beautiful appearance are still widely used. In addition to its unique characteristics, it has become a decorative highlight in the hearts of many people, and it is not wrong to be the “goddess” title in the furniture hardware handle.
When using or buying crystal handle, consider the characteristics of crystal, the occasion and environment of use, combined with the method of how to choose crystal handle shared by Xiaomei, to avoid waste and unnecessary losses.

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