What is a crystal handle and its features?Ⅰ

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Today, let’s analyze “the goddess of furniture hardware handle family, the synonym of shining and beautiful crystal handle”.
What is a crystal handle?
Drawer crystal handle is a more popular style in recent years, its main body using high-quality crystal, combined with zinc alloy base made of a delicate and gorgeous door handle.
Suitable for modern simple, minimalist, European light luxury and other decoration style, drawers, cabinets, cabinet doors and other furniture are all matching.
It is also the “goddess of home hardware handle inside” noble, light luxury, beautiful synonymous.
Second, where is the crystal handle used?
The handle is a part installed in the cabinet door to help push and pull, and plays a decorative role. Crystal handles are known for their “beauty”, their sparkle and transparency give doorknobs a unique glow, whether used in (drawers, cabinet doors, cabinets, bags, pot LIDS…..) Up.
Crystal handle can add delicate decoration to home life, create a unique space to make the home more luxurious and eye-catching.
And crystal material is not only beautiful, but also easy to clean, in addition to the variety of styles so that it can add a bright color in many applications.
Of course, due to the high cost of raw materials and processing of crystal, the price of crystal handle is also rising, not common consumer goods.
Three, the characteristics of the crystal handle
1. Elegant and beautiful: the crystal material has the advantage of excellent transparency, and the sparkling crystal appearance shines in the sun.
Add bright colors to the room to create a clear and thorough visual effect.
2. High hardness and good stability: Friends who have learned junior high school physics know that crystal is not susceptible to chemical factors, plus its hardness is higher than glass, it is not easy to oxidize in daily use, and its scratch resistance is stronger.
3. Variety of styles: crystal material is easy to cut, polish, shape, carve and other processing, a variety of styles and shapes to choose from, coupled with the unique appearance and luster of crystal, is widely used in the field of home life decoration.
4. Easy to clean: The smooth surface of the crystal material is not only beautiful, but also easy to clean, which is the Gospel of the hardest hit areas.

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