These several considerations for buying furniture pit prevention (certainly useful)

In many families will encounter furniture for a long time, just bought back not long before there are problems, odor and other problems, these are because the black business to sell you not qualified furniture, it may be that you are cheap. So how can we buy beautiful, easy to use, stylish design, cost-effective furniture? Today here to talk to you about how to buy furniture will not be pit.

Note 1:

Is to see the type of furniture, if you buy wood-based panel furniture, wood-based panel furniture, if it does not do all the packaging packaging processing, then such furniture is best not to buy, because the relevant provisions of the state, if the wood-based panel is suitable for playing these, plate production, these furniture must be fully packaged, both sides to seal, the kind of particularly tight packaging, If there is some damage on the package or no complete edge, these manufacturers are in order to save materials, or their own in the distribution of toxic and harmful substances, so this furniture is best not to buy.

Note 2:

That is, when you bargain with people, if it is particularly easy to cut a low price, then such things are best not to buy, because if you look at a thing, you can see the price to a particularly low price, and it is particularly easy to cut, it means that the buyer very much wants to sell this thing, and it is definitely because of these things. There are some problems that you can’t see inside the appearance, and these internal problems often make the quality and quality of the whole furniture have a great decline, so some goods that are particularly easy to see the low price, it is best not to buy, do not eat a big loss because of greedy little cheap.

Note 3:

Smell, for example, if you buy some furniture, if there is a particularly large irritating smell, then this furniture is best not to buy, because if it has a lot of that smell, it means that its additives are not up to standard, such as formaldehyde, these coatings are too much, easy to human nerves, new love system damage, the human nervous center is not good, but also easy to lead poisoning, Methanol poisoning and various other poisonings.

Note 4:

It is best to buy some furniture produced by large manufacturers, because these large manufacturers are screened through time, the quality of the remaining is excellent and the technology is good, unlike some other small manufacturers will produce fake and shoddy products, so buy some furniture produced by large manufacturers, it saves a lot of unnecessary trouble to test the quality of furniture.

Note 5:

Furniture structure should be rigorous and firm. Observe whether the mortise joints are tight. Small furniture in the selection can be dragged on the cement floor, gently fell, the sound is crisp, indicating that the quality is better; If the sound is hoarse, there is a noise of splitting and pulling, indicating that the mortise is not tightly combined and the structure is not strong. Small pieces of furniture can be shaken by hand to see if it is stable. You can sit on the sofa and shake it to see if it is firm.

Note six:

The installation of furniture hardware accessories should be complete. For example, check whether the handle of the furniture is firm, and the lock switch is not working; Hardware accessories are reasonable and complete.

So friends who need to buy furniture can first look at these precautions to avoid being pitted.

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