How to choose a crystal handle

Buying a door handle is too simple for many friends, but have you ever known that after the door handle is bought back to be used with the door, and its size can not be ignored, I don’t know if everyone knows it, then you understand the choice of crystal handle.

How to choose a crystal handle:
There are many crystal handle products on the market, we need to see the appearance when choosing, style is always an important part of everyone’s attention, so the appearance must be paid attention to when choosing, you can do a good job in advance of the investigation, you can choose more styles online, so that you can choose more beautiful to buy; Of course, when choosing a crystal door handle, the feel of the handle is also very important, and you need to make the handle comfortable, so that it is more comfortable; There is also a very important place in the selection of the handle, that is, the sound of the handle, which is actually very helpful, because there are some shoddy handles, the sound will be relatively loud, which also causes some noise, so do not choose this.

Door handle installation height:
What height is appropriate for door handles? That’s what we need to think about when we install the door. There is no fixed standard for the height of the door handle, and the installation height of the door handle is generally between 850mm-1300mm, which refers to the door. Some families will reset the height of the door handle because the height of the family members is not the same, if the family members are used to opening the door horizontally with the forearm, the door handle height should be the height of the joint, and the height of the security door handle should be 1130mm.

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