Home improvement hardware handle

1. At present, the handle on the market can be roughly divided into: pure copper, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, ceramic, the more common is pure copper handle, zinc alloy handle, aluminum alloy handle, we can choose according to their own home style. The copper handle will be relatively hard in texture, and the style will be retro compared with some, which is very suitable for use in European style cabinets! The zinc alloy handle has high hardness and high tensile strength, but due to the limitation of the die casting process, it can only be achieved within 320mm, so the whole length is used to make single hole handle or short handle! Aluminum alloy handle plastic, high finish, low density, light weight, so it is generally used to make long handle or top handle!

2. The handle has a variety of styles, but in general, it is divided into two types of embedded and external pull, and everyone chooses it according to the use habits and needs of their own homes. In general, the embedded handle is more suitable for use in the home with children and the elderly, this handle does not have prominent edges and corners, and it is safer to use. External pull handle, more convenient to use, but easy to hide dirt!

3, good quality handle in the workmanship is more fine, no defects, feel more texture, and wear resistance and corrosion resistance will be better, mainly from the coating and cutting surface and weight to distinguish the quality of the handle is good or bad!


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