Don’t let the little handle ruin your locker! Choose the hand of the two learning

A nice cabinet, the handle must be very nice!
Want the cabinet to be particularly advanced, choose the handle is also learned, share 2 points today:

1. Small size detail method
Nordic, Japanese style cabinets, you can use a small leather handle, or a small round, square yellow bronze handle, the smaller the better. When the handle is in the form of embellishment, the cabinet appears advanced chic.
If the size of the handle is too large, the handle and the cabinet appear to have no texture and are cheap.
2. Small point big line method
In the case of many cabinet doors, avoid using a unified long handle, which will appear not exquisite and out of proportion. You can use point-like handles on cabinet doors with small door panels, such as single-hole handles; The use of linear handle on the cabinet door of the big door panel, different sizes of the cabinet door with different sizes of the handle, the proportion is more harmonious, and the change of the handle is more delicate.
Remember these two points, you can also make a high-end exquisite cabinet!

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