【 Cabinet Hardware – Handle 】 No handle or have a handle?

1. There is a handle design, no hardware, the cabinet door to do the handle shape
There are a lot of cases where this is nothing more than playing with the shape of the door. In addition to finished furniture, cabinets customized may not be able to accept this kind of work.
2. There is a handle design, no hardware, the upper edge of the cabinet body is withdrawn, and the upper edge of the cabinet door is used as a handle. Ask the cabinet factory to do it first, if you can do it.
3. With handle design, use aluminum door handle
This kind of handle should be economical and practical, and it is used more and more now. But the problem
One is the groove if the putty is not very good to clean, OCD crazy.
Second, aluminum is easy to scratch. Knives and forks collide in the kitchen.
4. With handle design, use conventional handle
Now most of the conventional or use the handle, simple installation, easy maintenance, more styles on the market. Suggestions for selection:
Try not to stick out the edges, easy to bump. Especially with children at home, running around in the kitchen, easy to bump
The surface should not be too complicated. It’s easy to collect dirt when cleaning.
5. No handle design, with a rebound
There are many kinds of rebounders, different shapes, similar functions.
It should be said that the rebound should be equipped with a special hinge, no hinge, neither buffer nor self-closing, a rebound can bounce the door. But now it’s all with a buffer hinge, so you can only bounce the door after the door, and then open the door by hand. This is one more step than the normal handle.
Get a nice one. The thin plastic won’t take long.
Now there is a new advanced rebound, do not know what kind of market feedback, then share with you.
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